Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Talking Redistricting on Kojo Nnamdi on NPR

I was a guest on the Kojo Nnamdi show today discussing redistricting in the state. I'd like to thank Kojo for having me on the show.

Listen here

Maryland's Enters The Fight Over Redistricting in Maryland, Politics

We explore how this round of redistricting is likely to shape the balance of political power in Maryland.

Maryland is about as "blue" as a state can be. But it's about to be consumed by complicated fights over redistricting, even though the Democrats control all the important levers of power. We explore how race is shaping this year's round of redistricting in Maryland, and we hear from Republicans about their strategy going into the process.


Andrew A. Green
Opinion Editor, The Baltimore Sun

Alex Mooney
Chairman, Maryland Republican Party

Aisha Braveboy
Member, Maryland House of Delegates (D-Prince George's County); Co-Chair, Maryland Legislative Black Caucus Redistricting Committee

Todd Eberly
Professor, Political Science, St. Mary's College of Maryland; Author, The FreeStater Blog