Sunday, September 22, 2013

Anthony Brown... the Establishment's Candidate

Maryland state government is in need of fundamental reforms, from redistricting, to campaign finance, to greater accountability to the people. Whoever becomes governor in 2014 will have an opportunity to deliver those reforms. But with every new endorsement from the party establishment bestowed upon Anthony Brown it becomes ever more clear that he will not be the guy to deliver those reforms. The establishment has circled the wagons around Brown because they expect him to return the favor and protect their every perk, preference, and peccadillo. That is not what Maryland needs.

Over the past few years Maryland has been cited by good government organizations for its antiquated party machine style of governance - it's an embarrassment to a great state and it needs to change. But it won't change with a continuation of the O'Malley administration and another governor who is more committed to the party machine than to the people. As much as it frustrates me to write it, it has become abundantly clear that Anthony Brown is the candidate of, by, and for the status quo. In 2014 we deserve better than business as usual. I have been critical of Doug Gansler in the past, but no one can accuse him of being in anyone's pocket. And the status quo has never been something with which he's been comfortable. In 2014, Gansler's greatest boast may indeed be, "I'm the guy the establishment wants to beat."