Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Voters Deserve better than Dishonest Campaigns

Among the many election mailers that I received this week two stood out. One was a Republican financed mailer attacking District 29B Delegate John Bohanan (D) and the other was financed by state Democrats and attacked District 29C Delegate Tony O'Donnell (R). But these mailers did more than just attack Bohanan and O'Donnell, the mailers contained outright lies about both men. The anti-Bohanan mailer claimed that he had supported elimination of the death penalty and supported publicly financed needles for heroin addicts. The anti-O'Donnell mailer warned voters that he opposed replacing the Thomas Johnson bridge placing the safety of our families at risk.

Pretty damning stuff. Too bad none of it's true. Anyone who pays attention to Maryland politics knows that Bohanan vigorously opposed the state's recent repeal of the death penalty and when a bill was put forward to provide a publicly funded needle exchange statewide Bohanan voted against it. As for O'Donnell, anyone ho has had more than a passing conversation with O'Donnell knows that replacing the Thomas Johnson bridge is his top priority. So how could Democrats support their claim that he is against replacing it? Because O'Donnell voted against increasing the gas tax. O'Donnell didn't vote against replacing the bridge, he voted against a tax increase that may not have been necessary had Governor O'Malley not repeatedly raided the state's transportation trust fund.

John Bohanan and Tony O'Donnell may come from two different parties, but they share the same commitment to southern Maryland, and each has earned another term. The mailers weren't just misleading, they were dishonest. The voters of District 29B and 29C deserve better. And two men who have been tireless public servants, powerful voices for southern Maryland, and fierce advocates for their constituents, deserved better.