Thursday, June 17, 2010

"...the big difference here and in ’94 is you’ve got me"

At the height of the health care debate nervous House Democrats met with the President to express their concern that 2010 would turn out like 1994 - when Republicans won the House and Senate. Rep. Marion Berry, D-Ark reported that the response from President Obama was simple ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’

Berry was not impressed then and it turns out that he shouldn't have been.  A new poll from Public Policy Polling finds that Barack Obama is a drag on the Democratic ticket.
"PPP's most recent national survey found that while Obama had a positive approval rating at 48/47, only 33% of voters were more likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by him while 48% said support from Obama would make them less likely to vote for someone."
In 1994, Republicans effectively used television ads that would morph photos of Democratic candidates into Bill Clinton. Such an ad may seem hokey today, but Obama's appearances in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Virginia certainly did the party no good. In 2010, Obama is likely going to be relegated to fundraising among the faithful not rallying the masses - certainly not what many would have predicted just a year ago.